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Professional Software Testing

Hi you welcome. Here you’ll find 150,000+ testers and QA professionals.

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In-house developed utilities & accelerators Technical Focus on Testing

Some of the Fastest Growing Online Testing Verfix.com


Testing Center of Excellence

Establish your own Quality Assurance team within the organization. Optimize application quality and performance,
improve alignment between business and IT, increasing overall efficiency.

Functional Testing

Proven package of services for the delivery of flawless system functionality.

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Compatibility Testing

Complete application compatibility with Verfix software testing services.

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Localization Testing

Speak your clients’ language and get close to them.

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Usability Testing

We help you see the world through your customers’ eyes.

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Performance Testing

Seamless integration of performance testing services at any stage of SDLC.

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Security Testing

We protect your business from cyber attacks and make sure you are comfartable.

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Verfix Services

Here is major list of our expertise in what we are good.


Verfix test automation services for better test coverage and successful effort allocation.


Unbiased mobile testing services for the delivery of true software quality.


Deliver great web applications, win more users. A specially developed package of services.


One powerful and pervasive testing ecosystem to deliver you the best of QA.


Tailored Dedicated QA and Testing Teams for mid- and long-term engagements.


Consulting by Verfix covers all aspects of product lifecycle management.

Welcome to the Verfix Software Testing

Who We Are
For over 12 years, we’ve been working with the most amazing clients, delivering them world-class service in the QA and testing domain.

For us, success is no accident. It’s hard work, perseverance, learning and most of all love of what we are doing. We are proud of being a unique company, adhering to its values and serving its mission.

We are committed to maintain an independent perspective, bring innovations in QA and testing practices to our clients and create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people..

What say our happy customers

“Overall, we thought you guys went above and beyond our expectations. Not only did you help QA, you helped us refine our QA process. Your team had a great level of detail and an amazing understanding of the app. I’ll be talking with you guys soon about our next updates that will need help.”
Nadeem Mukhtar
Ceo / Appcrates
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